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The Tulum Real Estate Market is Ranked as The #2 Buyers Market in the World in 2014.

Find Out How Using Our Tulum "Buyers Agent" Services Maximize Your Investment & Enjoyment!

Dear Fellow Tulum Lover,

In the fall of 2007 our lives changed dramatically when we moved to Tulum, Mexico from Denver Colorado. We had our fair share of challenges with relocating to paradise, including our own "home" real estate investment, but we learned a lot, gained some serious insights and were lucky meet a lot of good people in the process.  

Over the years we have shared this area with friends and family and many people that have come to visit or live. We have also developed some solid real estate resources and have had many happy returning referrals. We have cultivated a very select group of local professionals in real estate and development.

Tulum has some unique terrain and hidden risks when it comes to your real estate options. There is also a lot more to the process of buying real estate that many Americans and Canadians are not aware of. The kind of stuff that adds real costs to the purchase price.

My promise to you is that with our Tulum Buyers Agent service, you will absolutely save time and money and you will go into your investment very well informed about the Tulum area and all of your options.

Our goal is to help you make the best investment possible, the one that keeps you happy!

I hope to meet you in person soon.

Ron Burdine


Why You Need Tulum Buyers Services

Four reasons why this is an important part of your search.

Your Investment

Buying Real Estate in Mexico, especially held in a foreign trust or “fideicomiso” (fee de-co-mee-so) as it's called in Mexico, is much different than in the U.S. or Canada.


Real estate purchases in Mexico are primarily cash deals. For most people that represents a substantial cash investment. For many it's a big chunk of the nest egg or retirement dreams on the line. 


We would all like to unquestionably trust our Realtor to make sure all the critical details are covered. Good realtors are trustworthy too, but being absent during a critical transaction or new to a foreign area does not always feel comfortable.

Trust But Verify

Engaging my services adds a level of local knowledge and personal experience that insures a secure investment. What it ultimately delivers you is peace of mind, a trusted third party in Tulum to verify critical factors in your Tulum investment.


When you retain my services, I am virtually and in person “at your service” throughout the process. Your questions are welcome, my consultations are personal and confidential.

Title research, trust, paperwork assistance, translation services, power of attorney and closing schedules are some of the other details we can handle for you.


Choose to deal with one of our preferred Realtors* or you choose a property or project we are not directly endorsing or featuring; retaining our local team as your trusted resources is smart business. 


The personal contacts and projects I endorse locally are selected with careful consideration and are held in the highest regard. 


Whether it's a retirement dream home, getaway vacation condo or jungle property investment, you will get peace of mind knowing you are getting the right deal. That's my promise and my mission with all my clients.

Money Back When You Land

If you already have a Tulum Realtor and have registered with them, thats fine, we don't hold that against you, we just won't be able to give you $500 in spending money after closing. We will still be your friend. We DO want you to use our services, and we think you would be wise to do so...

If you have not secured a Realtor we can help you directly or refer you to several local respected Realtors in our exclusive network, including Independent Realtor Aldo Alanis. These are the professionals I know and trust, that's why I endorse them. We do work with several of the top Realtors in Tulum on a regular basis-let me help you select the right one for your focus. 

What You Get:

  • Select featured properties and endorsed development referrals.*
  • Local experience and knowledge with over 27 years combined time in the Tulum area.
  • Preferred Tulum Realtor referrals.*
  • Power of Attorney services.
  • Cultural translation services. Let's face it, you are not in Kansas anymore, when you engage our services you will gain priceless insights to the way things really work in Mexico.
  • U.S. Notary public
  • Direct access to me by phone (please don't call me too late).
  • Title and condo regiment research
  • Well vetted legal referrals.
  • Translation services (limited).
  • In person Realtor and property follow-ups.
  • Local photo updates (for projects under construction).
  • Private binding agreements between you and your Realtor and/or seller

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