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Mexico moving guide

From Expats We Have Helped…

Mexico on My Mind made this whole move from Philadelphia possible..their knowledge and organization skills (that I don’t have) helped me create order out of my chaos..there are a million details that are just too much for one person to put in order. At least this one person. We followed Ron’s suggestions and had the secure feeling that we were ready for anything, and we were.. we had insurance, directions, hints, tips and suggestions..we have been here (Isla Mujeres) for 6 weeks and Ron and Catherine are still out go to sources. Thank you, Thank you for helping us accomplish our dream! – Bart and His Wife – Isla Mujeres

Guide Highlights:

  • 18 Safe places to live in Mexico
  • Why Mexico is safer than the USA
  • The real cost of living
  • The Immigration Process
  • How to bring your car to Mexico
  • How to go about investing in real estate
  • Health care in Mexico
  • Insider Expat Tips and more!