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"My promise and pledge to you is to make The Best of Tulum Guide better and better each time we publish a new version. You are getting a guide crafted with love, experience and heart. I have been in this beautiful paradise for eight years and you will benefit from this knowledge. Tulum is a magical place and this guide is your magic wand!"

Ron Burdine


Founder of Mexico On My Mind and Co-Author of The Best of Tulum Travel Guide

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Why You Need This Guide

Four reasons why this is your essential guide to all things Tulum


Restaurants A lot has been made about the food in Tulum and for good reason; Tulum dining is a cultural cornucopia of international influence. It is the ultimate Caribbean tropical escape and a foodies dream. Breakfast, lunch and dinner, we make sure you have the most delectable options for the best places to eat today at your fingertips. Always included with easy to follow drections with our custom grid map. Contact information when available is provided and updated regularly.


With over 150 small hotels and over 300 local restaurants to choose from it's pretty easy to get lost in Tulum. A planned dream vacation can quickly become a nightmare when the pictures don't match the scene on arrival at your eco cabana resort on the beach. Things CAN be lost in translation. We are your eyes on the ground. You will not make any wrong hotel turns with the Best of Tulum Guide.


You only have so much time on vacation, armed with your Best of Tulum Guide, it's like having seasoned local on your shoulder! You will be guaranteed to hit the best places and off the beaten path gems.. This guide will get you to the places most people wished they had found when they visited Tulum. You will know exactly where and when to go to certain places and find beaches and cenotes that are seldom seen by the average tourist.  This section alone will save you hundreds on tours!

Relaxation, Massage & Spas

Luxurious pampering awaits in long as you know where to find it in this wild jungle of Tulum! I will only say this, the first time my wife made a spa apppoinment in Tulum for a haircut trim, she found herself seated on a stump in a jungle. Not all spas are created equal in Tulum. Trust me on that one, we have done the homewok and you will find the places to be properly pampered in Tulum with the Best of Tulum Guide!

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