Healthcare in Mexico

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Quality, low cost healthcare is one of the perks to living in Mexico.  A doctor visit is generally in the range of $200.00 – $400.00 pesos.  The cost is so low, many people just pay out of pocket or apply for the national health insurance through IMSS to cover these routine visits.

To cover catastrophic illness or accidents, many expats purchase international major medical health insurance.

North Americans have been coming to Mexico for decades to get drug prescriptions, dental work or other medical treatments done for much less than what they would pay in the U.S., even without insurance.  Because domestic health care policies do not provide coverage internationally, these treatments are paid for out of pocket.

One reason Mexico is able to keep their treatment costs down are fewer malpractice suits.  Mexico is not the litigation-happy country the U.S. is.  Malpractice insurance is extremely expensive for U.S. doctors and that cost is passed along to the patient.

For expats moving to Mexico, it’s possible to receive international health insurance.  Although doctor visits and prescription drugs are inexpensive, hospital care is still going to cost you possibly more than you can afford without health insurance.   Nobody expects to visit the emergency room due to a critical injury or illness, and these costs can still deplete a savings account or max a credit card.  A broken leg could cost nearly $15,000.00 if you need surgery, and hospitals expect payment before treatment.

Mexico delivers quality health care and has trained doctors and surgeons.  The costs are much less than in the U.S. but you should still purchase international, major medical health insurance if you are planning on moving to Mexico.

Adult wellness visits such as yearly check ups and lab work are inexpensive treatments and not included in the catastrophic illness or accident policies.  It’s the unexpected visits to the emergency room or long term medical care you need international health insurance to help pay for.