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You are not alone! Why? Mexico offers you year round great weather and your dollars and pesos go further! Beyond cars and electronics, virtually everything you buy is cheaper in Mexico. Not to mention the sheer natural beauty, history and rich culture.

You can live in Mexican cities and towns at the same lifestyle level as in the U.S. and Canada for less money. Or, you can “adopt and adapt” and live well while saving Big!

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No matter where you are on the spectrum; daydreaming or getting into the details, this is a great guide to keep you informed.

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Mexico on My Mind made this whole move from Philadelphia possible..their knowledge and organization skills (that I don’t have) helped me create order out of my chaos..there are a million details that are just too much for one person to put in order. At least this one person. We followed Ron’s suggestions and had the secure feeling that we were ready for anything, and we were.. we had insurance, directions, hints, tips and suggestions..we have been here (Isla Mujeres) for 6 weeks and Ron and Catherine are still out go to sources. Thank you, Thank you for helping us accomplish our dream! – Bart and His Wife – Isla Mujeres

If you listen to all the news headlines about Mexico's drug war you might believe the whole country is a drug war zone; then again you probably wouldn't be reading this, so congratulations on over coming the … Find Out More!

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Safe Places To Live

Todos Santos 1

Baja California Sur

There is a lot more to Baja California (Sur) than surfing, sand and rocks. Wonderful wine growing areas and fresh seafood make the tip of the Baja peninsula a great place to live. In fact, here is where you'll find the best fish, oysters, clams and … Read More...


Mexico's South Pacific Coast

Mexico's Southern Pacific Coast includes miles of sandy beach, rocky cliffs, and mountainous tropical forests that provide surfing, sailing, fishing, scuba diving, kite boarding, hiking, birding and more! Nearly year round temperate climates of 75 – … Read More...


The Mayan Riviera

The Riviera Maya area of the Yucatan Peninsula stretches from Cancun through Playa del Carmen southward to Tulum, and includes the island of Cozumel, located 20 kilometers from Playa del Carmen into the Caribbean. Many people, both visitors and … Read More...

Fun Places To Visit

San Cristobal cathedral with cross

San Cristóbal de las Casas

by Candice Carboo-Ofulue, Travel Writer Sombreros and tequila may be what first comes to mind when we think of Mexico, but it's the colorful colonial cities which are the foundation of contemporary Mexican culture and in the highland hub of San … Read More...

Hotel in Sancuary

Visit Tomatlan, Jalisco

Located on the Western, Pacific coast of Mexico, in Tomatlan, Jalisco, is the quiet and secluded Hotelito Desconocido Sancuary Reserve and Spa.  This 27 room, 100% eco-resort is located on sixty hectares in a natural diverse, bio-reserve listed by … Read More...

Campeche 5 (2)

Visit Campeche

Breaking the tide of the Gulf of Mexico, Campeche (Com pay CHAY) is one of the oldest colonial cities in Yucatán Peninsula, founded in 1540. In golden years, it thrived as the major port; trading timber, dyewood, silver and gold. An elegant city soon … Read More...

What’s On Our Minds

Tulum Hotel Investment

Tulum Real Estate

The Tulum Real Estate investment market has been rated as the #2 market in the world in 2014 by International Living and Agora Publishing. If you are considering an international move and follow International Living you probably know they … Read More...

mexico wall art in Tulum

Going Off The Wall In Tulum!

Here are some amazing pieces of Mexican art that cover many walls in Tulum! The word Zama which means City of Dawn in the Maya language is also commonly believed to be the ancient name of Tulum. Tulum was also referred to as the walled city due … Read More...

Expatriate Taxes

Preparing a Mexican Will

In Mexico, there is no legal requirement to have a will which is why many Americans and Canadians waffle over creating one.  However, just like it is north of the border, the main reason you should create a will is to protect a surviving spouse … Read More...